Tips to Create Your Neighborhood Communication Plan

June 30, 2017

The Bel Air BeverlyCrest Neighborhood Council’s Emergency Communications Committee recently worked with the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Auxiliary Communications Service (LAFDACS.ORG) to implement the Los Angeles City Disaster Communications plan in their community.

With the help of Empower LA, the Neighborhood Council funded a proposal for Amateur radio (Ham) equipment and training to residents who wish to become effective emergency communicators for their community.  Neighborhood Councils can be a good resource for funding of Neighborhood Emergency Planning projects.

Here are some tips on how to potentially get funding for emergency communication equipment and training for residents provided by Michael Schlenker: 

1) Reach out to your Neighborhood Council Emergency Preparedness (EP) Committee – Your EP Committee can introduce and endorse your proposal to the Neighborhood Council Board.

2) Determine your needs – FRS Radio works best for short distances and no license is requires to operate them. Amateur radio is used for longer-range regional disaster communications however operators need licensing and training.

3) Work with established organizations – CERT and ACS are groups of volunteers managed by the Los Angeles Fire Department.  They can provide free training and resources to your community.   Donations for equipment and supplies can be made through the LAFD Foundation

4) Work with and Empower LA project coordinator – Project Coordinators can review your proposals before you present them to the Board.  They can answer questions about funding regulations and steps you may need to take before you presenting your proposal.

5) Follow the City of LA Disaster Communications plan – The CERT emergency communication plan can be tailored for your Neighborhood. This plan uses both FRS (Family Radio Service) radios and Amateur Radio: www.cert-la/radio

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Sample equipment budget:

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