Step 2: Recruit Leaders — How Many Leaders Does It Take…

September 12, 2014

Image of community leaders at a press conference

As you recruit leaders for your disaster plan, you may be wondering, how many do we need? To answer that question, go back and review your defined area map, and look at the number of people in your area. Think of putting people into teams, ideally groups of 3-7 persons, and assign one leader for each team. Tally up the number of teams and that will give you a better idea of how many leaders you will need in order to be an effective and efficient emergency response.

It’s also helpful to look at where people are located on your defined area map. Is there an apartment complex, where a higher number of people reside? Is there an assisted living facility in your area, in which a higher number of persons with disabilities will need more help than others? Those types of specifics will help you in assigning most accurate number of leaders throughout your defined area.

So, in short, how many leaders does it take to execute your neighborhood disaster plan? As many as your defined area requires!

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