Step 2: Recruit Leaders — How Do You Find The Right One?

September 8, 2014

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You’ve made a fantastic effort defining and familiarizing yourself with the area that your neighborhood disaster plan will cover. You now have a good idea of the households, businesses and resources in your designated area and a better knowledge of the people who live there. Great job!

Now it’s time for Step 2: Recruiting Leaders. You will need capable, competent people who will be able to serve and direct your fellow neighbors during a disaster. Take a moment to review the people you met who live in your defined area, and ask yourself these questions:

  • Does anyone have training and experience with Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)?
    Is there anyone who is an active member of a local neighborhood watch program?
  • Is there anyone who is already a leader in the community, such as business leaders, city council members, clergy, or human services?
  • Is there anyone who serves/has previously served in the police, fire, military services, and/or anyone who is a health care worker, such as a doctor, nurse, or physician’s assistant?
  • Is there anyone with experience providing care for persons with disabilities, or has experience assisting those more vulnerable in the event of a disaster, such as elder care or daycare?

You may be surprised to find that you have several neighbors who fit the requirements for leaders in your community, and will be happy to contribute their time, energy and skillset to your disaster plan. During an emergency, having leaders in place will make a huge difference in an effective support response for your community.

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