Step 1: Define Your Area — Let’s Put It In Writing

September 5, 2014

A neighborhood meeting making their plan

A quick review: while working through Step 1: Define Your Area, you have successfully determined the area in which your disaster plan will cover, about 25 to 40 households. You’ve sketched it out on a map of your neighborhood, and you’ve gone door-to-door to meet and greet your neighbors, gathering valuable information about languages spoken, identifying who may need assistance, and, if your area is larger than 40 households, assigning “Block Captains” for each block or smaller section. Great job!

Now it’s time to review your map of your defined area. Look at the streets, the homes, and the facilities that fall into your area and label them accordingly. Are there community centers, schools, hospitals, parks, fire stations, and/or police stations in your area? Write those down. Check out the roads, entrance and exit points, hills and waterways in your area, any choke points, and label them as well.  In the event of an emergency, these markers will be crucial to have close at hand.

Once everything in your defined area for your disaster plan has been noted and labeled, let’s tally up the number of homes, businesses, schools, churches and other buildings in the area and write down the total number of each. Last, but definitely not least, let’s count the number of people that your area will cover. Again, this is invaluable information to have during a disaster.

You and your team have made great strides in helping your community and your neighbors during a disaster. Remember, you are not on your own; the City of Los Angeles and its partner agencies and organizations are ready to help! But if immediate support is not available, your hard work in developing and executing a disaster plan for you and your neighbors will help your neighborhood immeasurably. And for that, we thank you!

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