Practicing for a Better Emergency Response

November 21, 2017

Ever wonder why the City of Los Angeles holds exercises?

Here is a short tutorial on what we do and why: On November 9, 2017 the City of Los Angeles conducted a Level 3 Functional Exercise.  The City is always taking steps to train Emergency Operations Center (EOC) responders and partners so that they are ready to provide an effective response to emergencies.  It’s important for all first responders to keep their skills sharp which will help to save time and resources under stressful situations.  Remember, although the City of Los Angeles wants to help everyone after big disasters that may NOT be possible.  It’s up to each one of us to take personal responsibility for our own preparedness.  First responders will need to focus on those who are truly in need and who may not be able to help themselves such as young children, seniors or those with disabilities.

The Planning and Intelligence Section (those in the photo below wearing blue vests) are responsible for putting a plan together which the EOC will use in its support of the emergency/disaster.  They use information received from the Operations Section (those in the photo below wearing red vests) to develop the plan.  The Planning and Intelligence section responders are often referred to as the “thinkers” and the Operation section responders are often referred to as the “Doers”.  Other sections in the EOC include Logistics and Finance & Administration.  The Management Section includes the EOC Directors (those in the photo below wearing white vests).


A Level 3 activation means “all hands on deck” as the incident is large in scale and requires response from many agencies.  All of the seats in the EOC would be occupied as opposed to a Level 1 or 2.  The City activates on 3 levels.  Level 1 being a lower level where an incident is being monitored and the City stands ready to respond as needed.  Level 2 means that the incident has magnified and is becoming more complex.  Multiple City departments may need to respond.  A Level 3 is the highest level and means that the City is in full response as the incident is highly complex and fast moving.


For additional information on the City of Los Angeles, Emergency Operations Center click HERE.


Written by: Mona Curry

November 21, 2017

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