Encino / Lake Balboa Disaster Drill Snapshot

August 11, 2017

On July 8, 2017 the Communities of Encino and Lake Balboa conducted their annual Disaster Drill.

The scenario for the drill was a plane crash on the 101 Freeway at Balboa Blvd.

One of the Exercise locations was West Valley Medical Center where response was tested with 40 survivors, 20 CERT members, and 15 Doctors, nurses and support players on the medical triage team.   All the teams were activated at 8 a.m.  Moulaged survivors with various injuries including severe burns, lacerations and broken limbs were evaluated by the CERT team and transported to the medical triage team.  The critical care patients were then transported to the local hospitals via ambulance service.

There were many enthusiastic partners who participated to test and practice their skills as first responders including neighbors, ham radio operators, medical and governmental entities:

  • California National Guard
  • Los Angeles/Valencia Army Medical Recruiter Company
  • Highway Patrol
  • Los Angeles Police Department
  • Los Angeles Fire Department
  • Community Emergency Response Term (CERT)
  • Encino Chamber
  • West Valley Medical Center
  • Provident Tarzana
  • Encino Hospital
  • Sherman Oaks Hospital
  • Northridge Hospitals
  • MUD Ambulance Service
  • Liberty Ambulance Service.

Over 200 volunteers participated in various exercise locations.   The Los Angeles Fire Dept. and Los Angeles Police Dept. recognized how the CERT teams coordinated with the community members and government agencies. This was a great example of how local first responders depend on community support in times of large disasters.  Thanks to this exercise, the communities of Encino and Lake Balboa are better prepared!


Submitted by Sue Du Brin

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